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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Content Marketing Tactics: High Value RSS Feeds For ADM Members to Use

High Value RSS Feeds For ADM Members to Use - Automotive Digital Marketing ProCom

Automotive RSS Feeds For Car Dealer Use

Automotive News Answers the Question:
What is an RSS Feed?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a way to receive regularly updated web content and gather it in one place for easy reading. Instead of constantly checking multiple blogs, news sites, podcasts and other sources throughout the day, one can subscribe to feeds with an RSS reader, which will automatically keep itself updated with the latest developments as they happen. It's an efficient and pain-free method of keeping tabs on the world, and Automotive News feeds are a great place to start.

Ralph Paglia Answers the Question:
Are RSS Feeds an Outdated Content Acquisition Tactic for Car Dealers?

RSS Feeds are a highly effective way to post a steady stream of updated content on a dealership website, blog or social media marketing site of just about any kind... One of the many factors that make RSS Feeds so useful to car dealers is the publishing permission aspect. Each of the feeds linked in the sections below are populated and updated with content that the publisher gives you, the car dealership using these RSS Feeds, legal permission to do so within the most typical uses of RSS Feeds.  Basically, it is a safe and effective way to get news and fresh content to appear in your online publications that is relevant to the products and services your dealership sells... At little to no expense. Hmmm... Think about it;
  • Using RSS Feeds actually works, and it is legal, without creating unacceptable copyright violation liability...
  • Somebody else does all the work to periodically update the articles which appear on your dealership's websites and social media pages...
Where's the negative?
Well, your dealership doesn't get author credit for writing original content (eh, not so bad)
And, creating original content specifically about your dealership should be used to supplement publishing articles via RS feeds... Because the RSS supplied articles originate oin somebody else's website, there is little SEO value to using them as content posts on your dealership's websites. But since I see RSS feed supplied content showing up in Google SERP listings, it is not a complete zero from an SEP perspective. 
To me, it seems that using RSS Feeds for dealership website content acquisition and timely updates is not such an outdated concept after all!