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Friday, July 11, 2014

What the Buzz is Cross Channel Advertising Optimization?

What the Buzz is Cross Channel Optimization?

What the Buzz is Cross Channel Optimization for Car Dealers?

Cross Channel Advertising Optimization

by Dana Fornasar, Sr Product Marketing Manager, Advertising & Business Intelligence  & Part-time Digital Demystification Delegate at Cobalt.
Are you tired of listening to the marketing mumbo jumbo that everyone loves to use but hates to explain? Sometimes ya just gotta say, What the Buzz? Let’s debuzz digital, break down the chatter that matters and expand our digital dictionaries... all in seven sentences or less. Today’s buzzword is cross channel optimization. We’ve asked one of our resident Digital Demystification Delegates to explain what it is and why dealers should care.
Cross Channel Optimization
  • A multi-channel advertising strategy spreads your dealership’s message across consumer channels--- in digital, this usually spans paid search, display advertising and retargeting.
  • Most multi-channel advertising platforms require dealers to set predetermined budgets for each individual channel each month.
  • Cross channel optimization allows dealers to set one overarching advertising budget which is then spread across all three channels.
  • It’s impossible to predict how shopper engagement, or demand, will change within each channel on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis.
  • Cross channel bidding technology enables dealers to invest their budget based on exactly when, and in what channel, their next advertising dollar should be spent.
  • When demand peaks in one channel, or when a channel is performing better than the others, cross-channel technology moves budget in real-time to the channel(s) that will generate the most reach, impact and ultimately the greatest ROI.
  • This means your dealership advertising at the right time, in the right place and most importantly, at the right price.

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Are you dying to say, What the Buzz? Tell us what buzzword you want debuzzed in the comments below, and we’ll put our Digital Demystification Delegation on it!

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About the Author
Dana Fornasar, Sr Product Marketing Manager
Dana Fornasar is a Sr Product Marketing Manager, Advertising & Business Intelligence at Cobalt. Her first car was a royal blue 1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle. Dana’s VW sadly met its demise during a sorority caravan en route to a Pearl Jam concert in Atlanta, where it fell victim to what was later confirmed to be the first and only rear-end collision caused by a flighty sorority girl. Blaring from her blown-out speakers at the time of the collision was ironically Pearl Jam’s newly released song Rearview mirror. True story. She brings 10 years of digital marketing experience to Cobalt. Before joining Cobalt, Dana worked with advertising & marketing teams at Expedia, Microsoft, and Paramount Pictures. Feel free to reach out to Dana at

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