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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Do you have your tickets yet for Little Boy?

Movie To Movement
Little Boy
Do you have your tickets yet for Little Boy! Be the first to see the film that everyone is praising as an inspiring hit for the whole family. This is a story that has inspired people across many countries and from various backrounds, from Tony Bennet to Pope Francis. It is even inspiring Christian refugees in Syria and Iraq to stand up for their faith and their rights!

 "Such a winner."
- Tony Bennett, Singer/Actor
"Beautiful. Such a powerful message!"
- Natalie Morales, Today Show
"This is the film you are going to want to bring your entire family to see! I love this movie!"
- Kathie Lee Gifford, Today Show
 "Deeply moving, utterly amazing."
- Jewel, Singer
 "Little Boy should win an Oscar."
- Eva Longoria, Actress

"A new gold standard for family films."
- Glenn Beck
 "Little Boy is a BIG HIT"
- Times Square Gossip
"Life changing movie."
- Rick Perry, Governor of Texas
 "Little Boy should definitely be nominated for an Oscar."
- Paulina Rubio, Singer/ Actress
 "I would highly suggest you go see Little Boy."
- Philip Rivers, QB of San Diego Chargers
 "One of the most powerful movies I have ever seen. It overwhelmed me."
- Mike Sweeney, MLB All-Star, Kansas City Royals
"Every person I know should see this movie. It's the type of family movie that should be out there today that everyone should watch."
- John Paul De Joria (co-founder Paul Mitchell hair products)
"An instant family classic that is utterly unique but reminiscent of films like E.T., Sound of Music and Life is Beautiful." 
- Mark Burnett, Producer of The Voice, Shark Tank, The Bible series
"You're absolutely in for a treat! I cried, I laughed.  A great cast, you're going to love this film!"
- Dr. Jerry Johnson, President of National Religious Broadcasters (NRB)

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