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Monday, August 31, 2015

Are You A PowerDealer? Tom Morris Explains How and Why

Is your dealership a PowerDealer?

Is your dealership a PowerDealer?
You should be... Here's why:

What is PowerDealer?

In addition to being where Tom Morris works, PowerDealer is an app that is best described as Web-based dealer management software that provides car dealers with access to their own dealership's retail transaction data, alongside those same data points aggregated from over 11,000 dealerships in North America.

Besides your own dealership, or your dealer group's multiple roof-tops, car dealers and authorized managers can see how their store compares with other dealerships by franchise. The performance metric comparisons provided by the PowerDealer dashboard are the single most accurate management performance benchmarks in the auto industry. They are based on more than 117 million new and used vehicle sales, with the numbers and data points updated every day of the year. If you are, or decide to become a PowerDealer, you have a competitive advantage available to your management team because your dealership's participation enables a meaningful comparison of performance relative to your local, regional and national markets.

It’s simple: When dealers use the PowerDealer data, it tells a clear story... which empowers Automotive Retail Management professionals to drive better business results for their new and used vehicle sales, used car inventory, Business Development Center (BDC), sales departments, Internet Sales Teams and F&I departments.

Car Dealers Have Asked: "What's In It For Me?"

My answers include emphasizing that using real-time information, PowerDealer data and performance metrics empower dealers to:

 Monitor sales activity for same-brand and other brand competitors in your market

 Compare your dealership’s gross profit PVR to competitors in your region

 Identify value of trade-ins by comparing similar trade-ins in your market

 Improve used car inventory ROI by pricing trade-ins closer to the competition

 Analyze data on your sales operations by model mix, turn, profit margin, and more

Over half of all franchised car dealerships in the U.S. have discovered that PowerDealer is the accurate, reliable and real-time answer to many of their daily management questions:
  • Where can I find quick new and used vehicle inventory turnovers?
  • How can I successfully tie more market-driven trade appraisals into my direct market?
  • How is my competition selling their vehicles and how can I conquest sales and improve my market share?
  • How can I increase my used-vehicle sales and profitability?
  • Where can I find which new and used vehicles in my market have the lowest turn rate and highest profitability to help me both stock the right inventory and expand my inventory choices?
  • How can I reduce my advertising spend PVR, while making all my advertising and promotions more effective at targeting the right automotive consumers?
Dealer-Specific Reports:
  • New/Used Customer Sales Google Map: Using a map-and-pins style graphic, shows where the dealership’s customers are coming from and what they purchased.
  • New/Used Sales by ZIP Code and Compare Sales by ZIP:
    These two separate reports, with versions for both new sales and used sales, allow the dealership to assess how marketing and sales efforts impact performance. Sales, updated daily, can be tracked by ZIP code, county, city or state; as well as by comparison of two time periods to view vehicle sales data.
  • New/Used Average Deal Recap Report: Compares the components of deal structure between the dealership’s sales and those of competitors. This report also helps the dealership spot performance gaps and identify areas where adjustments may improve volume and profitability. Know your risk factors on every vehicle on your lot.
  • New-Vehicle ROI Report: Shows analysis by model line for each franchise the dealership sells, compared to other PIN dealers in the market area that carry the same franchise. The report identifies whether competitors are turning the dealership’s same-franchise best-selling model line faster, which aids in determining whether gross should be considered rather than turn rate.
Market-Specific Reports:
  • New/Used Finance/Leasing Report: Allows dealers to see which lenders are offering the best finance and leasing options, and provides multiple options other than the captive lender. Allows a dealership to determine how to increase profitability by identifying lenders that offer lower buy rates.
  • Used-Vehicle Booking Tool: Makes it easy to manage used-vehicle inventory. By entering a VIN or make model and year, the tool ranks the vehicle by ROI against all models in the market, as well as recent sales and recent trade-in ACVs (Actual Cash Values).
  • Used-Vehicle Guidebook (Pricing Report): Provides dealers with information on which vehicles are moving in the dealership’s market area. Allows dealers to improve inventory mix by evaluating trade-in value and auction and wholesale purchases. The report lists vehicles by make, year, model and trim level and includes the vehicle cost (including recon) at the time of sale, as well as sale price, gross, retail turn rate, ROI, and volume.
  • New-Vehicle Franchise Performance: This report, unique to PIN, shows the entire PIN market at a glance, which allows the dealership to monitor franchise performance in their market area. The report also shows key components of deal structure for each new nameplate sold in the dealer’s market area, as well as select back-end sales, finance reserve, warranty penetration, price and income. The report allows the dealership to compare with most competitor makes to identify areas in which to improve dealership competitive edge, such as monthly payments and APR terms.
How PowerDealer uses PIN Data:

The vast majority of franchised new car dealers in the USA can access PowerDealer at no direct cost to them because their OEM is already funding this software as a service. Let PowerDealer help you benchmark your dealership performance vs. your competition, while identifying key profit opportunities. For more information, or enrollment assistance, please contact:

Tom Morris
phone:  (716) 829-9368 

Hugh Peeples
phone:  (904) 759-8082

Visit where car dealers can access the PowerDealer demo site by using the following user credentials:

The following gems are just a few of the many features you can experience on a hands-on basis...
  • PowerDealer Dashboard: Provides visual comparison of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and allows for customized goal setting
  • Customer Sales Google Map: Illustrates where customers are coming from
  • Used-Vehicle Guidebook: Improve inventory mix by evaluating trade-in value and auction and wholesale

For more information, please contact:

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Numbers Reveal The Truth About Your Dealership's "PowerDealer" Status!

Are You a PowerDealer? Numbers Reveal The Truth - Automotive Marketing 

PowerDealer is a highly accurate and free online source for analytical tools and decision-support products that enable your dealership to compare your operation to your market region; improve your dealership profitability; and help you make effective business decisions. - See more at:
PowerDealer is a highly accurate and free online source for analytical tools and decision-support products that enable your dealership to compare your operation to your market region; improve your dealership profitability; and help you make effective business decisions. - See more at:

PowerDealer is a highly accurate and free online source for analytical tools and decision-support products that enable your dealership to compare your operation to your market region; improve your dealership profitability; and help you make effective business decisions. - See more at:
PowerDealer is THE Go-To Information Source for Running Your Dealership Effectively
PowerDealer is a highly accurate and free online source for analytical tools and decision-support products that enable your dealership to compare your operation to your market region; improve your dealership profitability; and help you make effective business decisions. - See more at:
PowerDealer is a highly accurate and free online source for analytical tools and decision-support products that enable your dealership to compare your operation to your market region; improve your dealership profitability; and help you make effective business decisions. - See more at:

PIN and PowerDealer offers three key elements for dealers, according to Matthew Racho of J.D. Power and Associates... He went on to describe these elements in more detail:
“The timeliness and the breadth of the data. We’ve got a lot of data here. And, it’s free.”
An example of how this might benefit a used car dealer, is in off-brand trade-ins. A Ford dealer who has a customer come in with a Fusion or an F-150 knows the trade-in and resale values of those vehicles because he deals with them on a regular basis. He is likely less familiar with a Honda Accord or Nissan Altima, Racho said, and while he might think he knows those values based on his own experience, the data can provide factual information regarding their value in that market.

PowerDealer provides that dealer with what those cars sell for in that market, ensuring a quicker, profitable turn.
“Every market has its own nuance in terms of vehicles that perform better than others,” --Matthew Racho
Perhaps more importantly, PowerDealer allows dealers to see into the future a bit and adjust business strategies accordingly. If the data shows, for example, that a particular car sells well or doesn’t sell at all in your market plans can be implemented to take advantage of that knowledge.
Recently, PIN began integrating its data collection with Google Maps, allowing dealers to see where in the region it sells a lot of cars or not many at all.
“You can see where certain cities and maybe zip codes where volume has gone down, and recapture those opportunities before someone else does,” --Matthew Racho

GMs and principals can also use the website’s goal-setting element to set goals for the week or month based on the data at hand. Having that information available to the entire staff can go a long way towards getting everybody on board to the plan, Racho said.

In response to the many requests heard from interviewing many of those dealers, PIN developers are working on updating the systems to be able to send text updates and alerts regarding breaking developments.
“We’ve spent a significant amount of time at premiere events and gone out and knocked on doors asking people what they want to see,” Racho said.

Dealers want more granularity, more specific insight into their particular store’s performance, more insights into understanding what the potential drivers of increased profitability is.
“The third thing dealers will see is us being more proactive in providing that information to dealers. Letting dealers know where they may be out of statistical balance whether it is better or worse.”

Racho said that information will include not only the alert, but a possible solution.
“It is all designed to give manufacturers and dealers the ability to adjust.”

Sunday, August 23, 2015

14 Best Retargeted Advertising Info Resources

Want to learn more about Retargeting your advertising to reach the automotive consumers most likely to respond to YOUR ads? Check out the following articles, white papers and research reports:

1. eMarketer, US Programmatic Ad Spend Tops $10 Billion, to Double by 2016

2. Business Insider, FORECAST: Mobile, Social, Video Will Drive Advertising Revenue

3. Millennial Media, Cross-Screen Consumer Behavior Decoded

4. comScore, The Multi-screen Path to Purchasing

5. eMarketer, Mobile Continues to Steal Share of Daily Time Spent with Media

6. Facebook, Facebook Reports Second Quarter 2014 Results

7. Twitter, Twitter Reports Second Quarter 2014 Results

8. LinkedIn, Selected Company Metrics and Financials

9. AdRoll, Retargeting on Facebook by the Numbers 2014

10. Wall Street Journal, Amazon Prepares Online Advertising Program

11. AdWeek, Instagram Brings Ads to U.K., Canada and Australia

12. TechCrunch, Pinterest Launches Paid Ads In Form Of Promoted Pins 

13. Position, eBay Set to Offer New In-app Mobile Advertising

14. LinkedIn, LinkedIn to Acquire Bizo 

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

New Research Reveals Several Marketing Trends

Several Interesting Research Studies Cited by Social Media Examiner and worth Reviewing

Media Teams Spend Social Media Ad Budgets More Effectively: New research from Forrester shows that media teams are better skilled at spending social media ad budgets than social teams. When social teams manage the social ad budget, just 59% of marketers say they get value from Twitter ads. When media teams are in charge, Twitter delivers results 79% of the time. Likewise, social teams only get value from YouTube ads 64% of the time, whereas media teams find success on YouTube 80% of the time.

Mobile Messaging and Social Media 2015: The latest Pew Research study found that 36% of smartphone owners use messaging apps like Kik or iMessage. An additional 17% say they use apps that automatically delete sent messages like Snapchat or Wickr. The survey of more than 1,900 U.S. adults found that these apps are particularly popular among young adults (ages 18-29) with 49% using messaging apps and 41% using apps that automatically delete sent messages. The study also found that the proportion of online adults who use Pinterest and Instagram has doubled since 2012. Thirty-one percent of online adults use Pinterest, up from 15% just three years ago. Instagram use is up to 28% from 13% in 2012.

Why We Filter Our Photos and How It Impacts Engagement: A recent study by Georgia Tech and Yahoo Labs analyzed images shared on Flicker, more than half of which were cross-posted on Instagram. According to the data, photos with filters are 21% more likely to be viewed and 45% more likely to get a comment than unfiltered images. As for the best filters to use, the study also found that warmer temperatures, higher contrast, and higher exposure increase chances of receiving both views and comments.

The State of Tags in Digital Media: According to traffic analytics service, Facebook now drives more traffic to news sites than Google. analyzed tagged conventions across their network of nearly 400 digital media organizations to examine how different companies are using meta data tags. Based on this data, Facebook accounts for about 43% of the traffic to the network of media sites, while Google accounts for just 38%.

The Science of Instagram: Dan Zarrella examined 2014 data from nearly 1.5 million images posted by more than 500,000 users on Instagram. By analyzing various elements like tags, captions and visual characteristics, the study determined which factors correlated to higher-than-average likes and comments per follower.

Global Mobile 2015: According to Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), global mobile advertising revenue has surged by 65% between 2013 and 2014. This growth is attributed to shifts in consumer usage patterns and industry innovations. Based on the data collected, North America accounted for the greatest portion of this growth with close to a 45% share. North America was also the fastest-growing region, with a 76.8% leap over 2013 revenue figures.

Integral Ads Q2 2015 Media Quality Report: Integral Ad Sciences' quarterly reports on media quality revealed that only 44% of digital display ads were "viewable" in 2Q 2015. This is a decrease from the 49.4% viewability rate the industry saw this same time last year. The viewability rate for ads sourced directly from publishers also declined from 55.5% to 50.1% while ads from networks and exchanges fell around 45% to 39.9%.

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Lead Nurturing for Car Dealers



Lead nurturing is the process of building effective relationships with potential customers throughout the buying journey.

According to a benchmark study by the firm "Marketo", on average, 50% of leads are not yet ready to buy. Hence, the rising popularity of Lead nurturing as a marketing strategy and tactical "Best Practice". Lead Nurturing creates automated, ongoing communication with your potential buyer throughout the sales cycle and beyond— maximizing sales results and profitable revenue for your dealership, clients or automotive retail organization.

In fact, for most car dealers, since the auto industry has such an active and wide top of funnel, 78% of sales leads that enter a dealership's lead management or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database are not ready to be sold a new or used vehicle at the time they submit their lead form. So dealers, in order to maximize long term sales lead closing ratios, must nurture those prospective buyers over time until they are ready to make a purchase. An efficient Lead Nurturing strategy automates your communication with those leads so that you are constantly engaging in a relationship throughout their automotive ownership cycle.

Due to sophisticated technology like marketing automation and CRM applications, modern day lead nurturing for car dealers can be, and should be personalized, adaptive, and function in a manner that listens and reacts to automotive consumer behavior in real-time.

Modern lead nurturing enables your dealership's sales and customer relations professionals to efficiently listen and respond to car buyers on multiple channels— not just email. And get it done without hiring more people or working more hours,

For car dealers, breakthroughs like personalization software offer the ability to change the was a dealership handles the process of lead response. With the right software properly installed and implemented, the automotive marketer can nurture anonymous leads; touching the entire automotive ownership lifecycle and creating a more personalized and engaging experience than ever before. 

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How To Implement 11 Facebook Best Practices for Car Dealers

How To Implement 11 Facebook Best Practices for Car Dealers - Automotive Digital Marketing 

Facebook "How To's" for Automotive Marketers Proven To Generate Increased Customer Engagement Results

Rupert Murdoch said if you want to motivate people, you have to engage their minds and their hearts... A truism whether in life or online.
If you can capture people’s attention and ignite emotion, you can inspire interaction.
But when it comes to Facebook engagement, gaining audience attention can be tough. Whether it’s the latest algorithm change or the overwhelming amount of shared content, one thing is for certain. If you want to increase engagement, you need to make a few changes.

So… how can you do it?
Use the link at the top of this post to see the "Best Practice" tips to help you dazzle and delight automotive consumers – and get your dealership's Facebook Page buzzing!

Dean Evans Takes On Hyundai CMO Role

Hyundai Taps Subaru and Vet Dean Evans for Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Hyundai Motor America logo

Dean Evans, who served as chief marketing officer (CMO) of Subaru from 2011-2014, will now take on the same role at Hyundai.

In his new position, Evans will be responsible for all marketing and advertising duties in the US market.

Dean Evans
Dean Evans
For the past year, Evans has served as chief executive and president of the digital marketing automotive platform "LotLinx".  
Auto industry observers note that Evans helped Subaru gain surprisingly strong momentum in the digital marketing realm during his time there. He has more than 25 years of experience in the automotive vertical, including leadership roles at Dealix, a dealer lead provider and, one of the two largest dealer website suppliers.
Dean Evans at Subaru Fund Raiser
Dean Evans at Subaru Fund Raiser
Dave Zuchowski, president and chief executive officer of Hyundai Motor America, said: 
"Dean's proven results-driven approach; a positive, inspiring leadership style; and wide-ranging experience in dealerships, digital marketing and automakers, make him a most valuable addition to the Hyundai executive team."
He officially begins on August 17th and will report directly to Zuchowski.
Dave Zuchowski CEO of Hyundai Motor America
Dave Zuchowski, CEO of Hyundai Motor America
Hyundai has been without a marketing chief since last year when its vice president of marketing Steve Shannon left the company.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Top Automotive Retail Events, Publications, Communities, and Authorities | BlogPro Automotive

Top Automotive Retail Events, Publications, Communities, and Authorities | BlogPro Automotive

Top Online Automotive Networking Communities
Automotive Digital Marketing ProCom []
A Ning community started more than 5 years ago by Ralph Paglia who at the time was working for ADP. Ralph has been a pioneer in the digital marketing space helping to bring content marketing to the forefront for auto dealers and has curated an active community with ADM where auto industry professionals are able to set up a profile and publish their own content into the community and network with the more than 3,000 members on the site.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Why I Quit my 25 Year GM Job: My Exciting New Adventure into Online Deal Creation - Automotive Digital Marketing ProCom

Why I Quit my 25 Year GM Job: My Exciting New Adventure into Online Deal Creation - Automotive Digital Marketing ProCom

I have been a proponent of car dealers leveraging online transactional technology since working on the Lithia L2 project in 2004... It is satisfying to see a dealer operational superstar such as yourself buy into the promise of marketing technology that allows consumers to complete all, or some of the buying process online.  The first thousand or so dealers that effectively deploy this capability, market it properly and execute the business processes that make it work for consumers, will enjoy a significant competitive advantage.

Professional Networking Guidance

Networking For Success
We've all heard that networking should be an integral part of our total marketing plan but what is networking? And is it the same for off-line marketing as it is for on-line marketing? 

Many Internet marketers venture off into classified ads, opt-in mailing lists, and postings of all sorts. Many times the traditional networking ways of off-line marketing are forgotten. So, what is networking in the traditional marketing sense, (NOT networking marketing or MLM programs)?

Simply stated, networking is contact to establish relationships that can lead to business. Sometimes the path to business is direct; other times it is indirect such as referrals. The person you know knows someone else who needs your products/services. This is the most important rule of networking. Many people go to a networking event hoping to do business. It doesn't work that way. Your goal of attending a networking event is to meet two or three people, find a reason to follow up and start a relationship. The business will most likely come from an indirect referral that they know needs your products or services. 

Networking means making these contacts and building on them by talking with people about what you do and who you are. It also is in turn, listening to them to see how you might assist them in what they do.

These contacts, the people you need to know or the people that can help you, might be right under your nose. To help build that list, answer the following:

1. Who has taken an interest in you lately or in the past?

2. Who have you been good friends with?

3. Who do you always talk business with when you get together?

4. Who has helped you or offered encouragement or advice in your business?

This list could go on and on but the general notion is we are already networking, networking is all around us and the people to build our network with are with us everyday.

The other thing you can do is fill in the name of a person next to a particular classification like friend, neighbor, former employer, etc. My favorite example of this is learning how valuable the parents of my daughter's sports teammates were in my network. Standing on the sidelines of soccer game, the conversation often goes, "What do you do" or "Where do you work?" and the rest is history as they say. 

Written by © 2003 Alfred Lautenslager

Al Lautenslager is a speaker, author, business owner, consultant, a certified guerrilla marketing coach and also the author of The Networking Workbook, How to Instantly Add People to Your Network. It is available at as an immediate download. Al also is the featured PR expert for He can be contacted at or through his website,

After you go to the networking workbook site, send a blank email to for a free report on Guerrilla Marketing Coaching.

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