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Monday, August 17, 2015

Lead Nurturing for Car Dealers



Lead nurturing is the process of building effective relationships with potential customers throughout the buying journey.

According to a benchmark study by the firm "Marketo", on average, 50% of leads are not yet ready to buy. Hence, the rising popularity of Lead nurturing as a marketing strategy and tactical "Best Practice". Lead Nurturing creates automated, ongoing communication with your potential buyer throughout the sales cycle and beyond— maximizing sales results and profitable revenue for your dealership, clients or automotive retail organization.

In fact, for most car dealers, since the auto industry has such an active and wide top of funnel, 78% of sales leads that enter a dealership's lead management or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database are not ready to be sold a new or used vehicle at the time they submit their lead form. So dealers, in order to maximize long term sales lead closing ratios, must nurture those prospective buyers over time until they are ready to make a purchase. An efficient Lead Nurturing strategy automates your communication with those leads so that you are constantly engaging in a relationship throughout their automotive ownership cycle.

Due to sophisticated technology like marketing automation and CRM applications, modern day lead nurturing for car dealers can be, and should be personalized, adaptive, and function in a manner that listens and reacts to automotive consumer behavior in real-time.

Modern lead nurturing enables your dealership's sales and customer relations professionals to efficiently listen and respond to car buyers on multiple channels— not just email. And get it done without hiring more people or working more hours,

For car dealers, breakthroughs like personalization software offer the ability to change the was a dealership handles the process of lead response. With the right software properly installed and implemented, the automotive marketer can nurture anonymous leads; touching the entire automotive ownership lifecycle and creating a more personalized and engaging experience than ever before. 

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