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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Building Smarter Sales Advisers Will Increase Your Dealer’s Revenue

Building Smarter Sales Advisers Will Increase Your Dealer’s Revenue - Automotive Marketing


Building Smarter Sales Advisors Will Increase Your Dealer’s Revenue

Today’s cars continue to become smarter as they “learn” and adapt to the behaviors of drivers. Cars “listen and learn” about the driver to provide the optimal driving experience.
  • How can your sales advisers learn to engage, optimize and convert women shoppers into buyers and provide the optimal sales experience?
  • What changes can your dealership make to create an ongoing relationship with this demographic, which is 50% of the national market?
  • Women shop at 30% more dealerships than men. How do you differentiate yourself beyond all that noise - and create an effective sales process that lasts beyond a car sale?
How To Do It...
  1. Think emotionally. Emotions matter! Respect and trustworthiness are the top two reasons a woman buys from her sales adviser. While 50% of women are excited about their car purchase, only 30% are confident. Price matters, but emotions carry the day when buying and securing a woman buyer’s satisfaction level.
  2. Respect your shopper’s time. Everyone is busy. Your woman shopper may be on her lunch hour or ready to pick up her kids from school shortly. She certainly isn’t window shopping; she is there to accomplish something. If a woman senses you can’t assist her – even if she said “no, I’m just looking” - she will go elsewhere. And, when buying, the average woman spends 3 hours and 20 minutes at a dealership. See where you can save time to make it quicker and more efficient. Be honest, when was the last time you bought a car from your own dealership?
  3. Visualize Your Best Dealership. How do you help your sales advisers have the highest possible EQ? How do you see your dealership changing if you proactively educate your sales and service advisers to read your buyer’s emotions? What would happen if you empowered them to adjust to advance a sale? What if your hiring procedures screened for people with high EQs as well as strong sales skills?

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