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Monday, September 28, 2015

Consumer Perception Shows Big Change in Rank for Car Dealers

New Data on Consumer Perception Shows Big Change in Rank for Car Dealers - Automotive Marketing

In regards to the comment by Jeffrey Bonnell on Friday... Yes, Jeff, I agree with you that any survey seeking to assess consumer perception of an entire industry, such as the auto industry is going to include perceptions created by multiple entities within the supply chain. But I do not think I am being "delusional" as you allege... Yes, we can all agree that cars are better built today than as little as ten years ago, and the OEM's have definitely become more accessible and willing to communicate directly with consumers... By the same token, having first hand experience at being one of those nightmarish dealers during the 80's (tossing trade-in keys on the roof, etc.) and having testified in court during a trial for unlawful imprisonment when we would not let a customer leave the dealership without buying a car, I can sincerely attest to the basic truth that car dealers as a whole treat customers better today than we did 30 years ago...
Have the improvements been enough, or even kept pace with OEM's and other retailers? Maybe yes, maybe no, but it is about time that those same stereotypes that me and my car guy brethren helped create a couple generations ago be replaced by something more in tune with the reality that every car dealer I work with today does indeed do everything possible to "do the right thing" with customers, and much more so than at any time in the past.
Yeah, there are still a few knuckleheads out there "slam dunking" there way to "killing bears" and "high grossing" the "mooches" that come onto their lots, but these are a dying breed and I (personally) haven't walked into a truly bad customer service dealership in many years.

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