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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Do Your Employees Have a Suggestion Box?

Do Your Employees Have a Suggestion Box?

Joe Webb writes: "Consider putting up an anonymous suggestion box.
Willfully ask everyone to submit thoughts or feedback. Or it can be an open email inbox where people can send anonymous emails from fake accounts. (Don't think of this box only in the literal sense. It can mean a digital representation of one, one found in an open social media forum, or another version)."

"Only the owner should have access to this "suggestion box", or someone from HR that is entirely unbiased to a situation, and never should they try to uncover who it is that made the suggestion. Or, you can promise to make the suggestion box entirely confidential with a promise that no direct negative action will occur from being open and honest. If presented to the team as a professional yet safe way to be heard, the suggestion box won’t be abused."
"One way or another, you should rely on your people to give you the best feedback on how to make processes better. So long as they feel it won’t come back to bite them, these unfiltered opinions and peeks behind the curtain are the necessary ingredient to building a winning team. That is how organizations evolve."

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