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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Get Car Buyers To Your Dealership Using Online Videos

Get Car Buyers To Your Dealership Using Online Videos

Best Practices in Optimizing Videos for
and Online Automotive Marketing

If you want to build audience on YouTube, you need to do more than just posting the videos. You have to fine tune and populate the posting entry fields for your videos to achieve any decent amount of video search engine optimization (VSEO) which will allow them to be found throughout the web. In this article we take a look at just a few of the ways you can optimize your YouTube videos:
Excluding the infographic above, this first section of this article was revised and edited from an article written by  at Dealer Marketing Magazine.

1. Add a Title to Your Video

The title of each dealership's video should be such that it attracts the intended audience. This means that your title must be descriptive and should consist of keywords that are relevant to the video. The more attractive and informative your title is, the more it will be clicked by the users and the more the keywords it contains, the more likely it would be found on the search engines.

2. Add a Detailed Video Description

It is important to add the description of your videos because search engines can crawl through the content in your description and use it to rank the videos appropriately for search results. You will not reap any benefits if you don’t add the description with relevant keywords for your YouTube video.

3. Add Post Tags

Tags are similar to keywords which add snippets and hence add value to searchability. Youtube uses the tags to link the videos with one another, so the videos with the similar tags are shown in related videos section. This means that your video has the chances to be placed in related videos section on the page of another user, hence improving SEO.

4. Enable Viewer Comments

Some users don’t use or enable the YouTube comments due to the fear of being harassed by the strangers, but the reality is the comment section can improve your SEO. Comments add the content on your YouTube page and this content is viewed by search engines, which leads to the higher ranking of the video. In other words, the more likes and comments, your video receives, the higher your ranking would be.

5. Create Links to Dealership Videos

You should add links to your dealership's video on other websites. This will help you to generate more traffic to your site and thus increasing the number of views. Place the links to your videos on your social media profiles and on your own website. This would help you to spread the word about your video and encourages others to view it. The more your video is viewed, the more it will improve the ranking.

6. Transcribe the Content

If you are embedding your YouTube video on your dealership's website, then you can improve your SEO by transcribing the wordtrack in your video. Then, you should place this text based content with the YouTube video on your dealership website. Since search engines don’t have the ability to crawl through videos or images, the text based transcription will help search engines index and rank the websites that contains your video.
There are numerous ways to optimize any YouTube video, but sooner you implement these ways of optimization, the more successful your dealership's video will be at driving customers into your showroom...

Video Keyword Research

Keyword research for videos is completely different than for text-based blog posts.

Q: Why?  A: Two reasons...

Reason #1: Most of your views come from YouTube suggesting your video to their users.  (Not from search engines)

Yes, you should optimize your videos for YouTube and Google search. But most people only get around 15-25% of their video traffic from search.


Create Awesome Videos

If you want to rank in YouTube, your videos need to be awesome.

The question you need to ask is:

What does “awesome” actually mean?

A video that’s “awesome” to me might make you want to toss your laptop out the window.

Well in the world of YouTube, “awesome” is measured by a few key metrics, like:
                                               Session Time
Watch Time Audience Retention Engagement CTR

And when you create videos with these YouTube ranking factors in mind, you can find yourself sitting pretty at the top of the search results.

Video Optimization

  • Like with a blog post, there’s more to video SEO than publishing an awesome piece of content and hoping for the best.
  • You also need to optimize your video around keywords that people use on YouTube...
    (and in Google).

Channel Authority

Your YouTube channel’s authority plays a direct and indirect role in how your videos perform in YouTube.  In general, videos published on a channel with lots of authority and a strong community will rank above the same video on a new channel.

Ranking Videos In Google

Learn how to rank videos in Google.

The Secret to Getting Your Videos Ranked in Google

Here’s the deal... Google earmarks certain keywords for video results. (I call these “Video Keywords”.) And the secret to ranking your videos in Google is to target Video Keywords.

In my experience, if you optimize your video around a keyword that doesn’t already have a video in Google, it’s going to be VERY hard for it to rank.
For example, “how to clean an iphone 6” is a video keyword:

How to Find Video Keywords - Eliminate Dead End Keywords

The simplest way to find Video Keywords is to search for your potential keyword in Google.
If you see at least one video result in the top 10, great.
If not, you may want to consider a different keyword.

Pro Tip: The top 3 spots in Google get 55% of all clicks. So keep an eye out for keywords that have a video result in the top 3. Your video won’t get nearly as much traffic if it ranks in positions 4-10.

How to Rank YouTube Videos in Google

Now that you’ve created a YouTube video around a Video Keyword, how do you get it to show up in Google? The “secret” is to create an awesome video and then optimize that video. Other than that, it’s all about getting back-links to your video. Like any page on the internet, the more high-quality back-links you build, the higher you’ll rank.

Ranking Self-Hosted Videos in Google

What if you self-host your videos on your site? For example, let’s say that you post your videos to your blog with a service like Wistia. Can you get those videos to rank? Technically… Yes, but it’s A LOT harder to rank a self-hosted video than a YouTube video.  In fact, 82% of all video results in Google are from YouTube. (Considering that Google owns YouTube, this shouldn’t come as a surprise). That said, it is possible to rank self-hosted videos.

Here’s how:

#1: Put The Video at The Top Of Your Page

This shows Google that your video is the main piece of content of that page.
So make sure your video is at the very top of the page…
Or, right after a brief text-based intro:

#2: Publish a Transcript Below Your Video

A full transcript below your video helps search engines understand what your video is all about.
Pro Tip: Optimize your transcript for readability. Most people just copy and paste a big ol’ transcript. Instead, make your transcript easy for people to read and skim. This will improve your dwell time and reduce bounce rate –two key Google ranking factors.
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