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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Seven Critical Components Essential to Car Dealership Digital Marketing Strategy

Seven Critical Components Essential to Car Dealership Digital Marketing Strategy

Essential Components For Car Dealer Digital Marketing Strategy

  • 7 Key Protocols Digital Marketing Empowered Dealers Follow For Success
  • Digital marketing is the present and future of the Auto Industry!

Car Dealers have begun to embrace digital marketing, and separating themselves and their budgets from the traditional marketing methods, simply because automotive digital marketing works better and more effectively. Dealers must clarify the basics of digital marketing and then devise a marketing strategy that aligns with their business needs. It can be as simple as pitching your vehicles/services to a mass of people likely to buy a car or truck. But make sure you do it in a decent and subtle way, as today's online car shoppers are not a huge fan of in-your-face interruption marketing tactics.

Digital marketing is not only confined to selling vehicles/services. There are many aspects to digital marketing and there are certain factors that impact a dealership that has a presence in the digital marketing world.

Here are seven tips for car dealers which automotive marketers should keep in mind:

1. Mobile friendly website

Mobile search has surpassed desktop search in the recent years!
Most of the car shoppers in today’s era prefer surfing a website on a mobile device which is easier to access than a desktop for the simple reason that it is always in their hands. This creates the need for dealership websites that look and work well on a variety of mobile devices. Thus a mobile friendly website is necessary for car dealers who wish to have a strong online presence. Check often to ensure that all your web pages appear appropriately in their mobile device view, if not, you need to fix it!

Ensure that all the social media handles are clearly visible on your website as well; users would explore your social media profiles as part of their primary research on your dealership.

2. Website Speed Test

Your website is now a reflection of your business in the online world!
Your dealership's website showcases your business and the services that you offer to your customers. It is important that you focus on improving the loading speed of your website. The faster the website opens up, the more ease your customers are at. A few seconds is all one needs to give up on your site and move to the next one.

Car shoppers don’t like to wait for your website to load, so make sure that the images that you upload aren’t too heavy to keep your users waiting. Try and use images that are of low kb size and make sure the code on your website is not too heavy. Check your website’s speed on google’s speed test tool to see where you need to optimize your site for improved load times.

3. SEO friendly website

Those of you, who think that SEO is dead, wake up!

SEO still counts and matters to the dealerships in the digital marketing world. To enjoy higher SERP rankings for your website, you have to make your website rank higher on Google, which can be done through various methods like link building etc. All in all SEO helps your business flourish online by making it technically correct. A detailed know-how about SEO tips and tricks will help you get higher ranks on search engines, thus making your business flourish online.

4. Social Media Profiles

According to market research, automotive consumers thoroughly check a dealer's website when they are considering buying a vehicle or getting service there.

A social media profile is one of the main ways through which a customer can learn about your dealership. Therefore it becomes important that you have a social media profile on the social media platforms where you think your targeted audience may be hanging out!

You need a social media profile that is both attractive and well optimized. Also, don’t forget to link your social media profiles to your business website.

Social media marketing is the best and easiest way you can spread a word about your dealership in one go, use it smartly!

5. Content

Want to share quality content? Keep it fresh and to the point!

What could work better than a lot of online marketing tactics, is when you can post content on your website, submit it to bloggers for guest posting. The ways by which you want to spread out your content are innumerable. Just make sure the content is authentic and is your own and rich in quality. You can also curate quality content provided it is credited to the original source.

Social media is the best opportunity to grab for making your content go viral and let the world know about your business.

6. Graphics

Dealership websites with online presence must make sure images used do not look dull.
Use enticing graphics and images that co-relate with the content and your website. Readers are more attracted to graphics rather than content so if you can add graphics to explain things better, then that’s great! Think about the tone and imagery of your graphics too, make sure they are consistent with your brand image.

7. Website Audit

Once you have portrayed your dealership in the digital marketing world, it becomes important that you check how well your site is performing in the online shopping world.
On a regular basis you should go for a website audit, this gives you a free analysis of your website and covers every aspect of it.

Today, many dealerships use online analytical tools available to check every domain of your website. This is a reflection of your website in the online marketing world. Test the new strategies and methods that you have implemented to check whether it is bringing you results or not. If the strategy is working, then boost up your efforts to get more results and if not, you need to think about what’s going wrong and how you can fix it to align with your dealership's business strategy.

Digital marketing companies understand the potential of marketing online and are trying to make the best of it. Marketing companies in the digital world have an in depth knowledge about how to initiate a marketing campaign in the online world. For that you need to be well versed with digital marketing basics. Willing to initiate digital marketing in your business? Reach out to our experts for help!

Edited and re-posted from an
article written by Anuja Lath Co-Founder COO RedAlkemi,
Founder-CEO OnPowerWeb


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