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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Who Are The Ten Sexiest Women in Social Media

Who are the ten Sexiest Women in Social MediaOptions

Ten Sexiest Women in Social Media

Posted by Ralph Paglia

Fuchsia McInerney's Roster of the Top 10 Sexiest Women in Social Media

Shown below is Cyan Banister

CEO and Entrepreneur, Fuchsia McInerney, names the top ten women in social media who are pioneering the industry and making a name for themselves.

Sexy and technology aren’t always two words you hear together. In fact women and technology aren’t two words you hear together that often, unless it’s highlighting the overwhelming lack of the former within the latter. That said, these ten women represent high-powered entrepreneurs, executive, artists and techies who are defying statistics, pioneering the industry and making a name for themselves. 

From ecommerce to marketing to blogging, spanning from corporate to indie, our top ten have taken the high-tech industry by storm, and quite frankly, they look good doing it!

As an update, I would like to point out that each of the women whose bio's and images appear below, selected the images for publication and wrote the information paragraph about themselves. As each of them have requested that images or descriptions be updated, we have been pleased and eager to do so...
"Exploitation?" I think not...
Savvy marketing professionals who know the value of "Personal Branding? I think so.
below: Veronica Belmont
"sleeps rarely and caffeinates often."
(My kind of lady! - RP)
Cyan Banister
1. Cyan Banister, Entrepreneur & Artist: Cyan was born into a family of artists and grew up around paint, photography and music. From these beginnings, she developed a life-long appreciation for the arts that eventually inspired the Zivity platform, an ad-free social network for models, photographers, and video artists. This platform she created is a new way for artists to profitably connect directly with their fans in the rapidly changing digital media landscape.Cyan has held many leadership roles throughout her career, from leading technical operations teams in an enterprise software company to helping women master technology as CTO of a nonprofit organization. She is also an angel investor and has invested in Facebook, EQAL, Mimoco, OtherInbox, Thumbtack, Tagged, Hot Potato, Powerset, Topsy and others. Cyan is also an event and portrait photographer and enjoys jugglers and magicians.
Heather Meeker
2. Heather Meeker: Heather brings over 13 years of experience working in communications, marketing and sales for technology companies. She started her career working in public relations for EarthLink and held similar positions at start-ups including and After Sept 11, Meeker transitioned into an entirely new career in pharmaceutical sales at Pfizer, selling blockbuster drugs including Zithromax, Lipitor and Viagra. Despite success, Meeker decided her passion was communications and took a role as PR Manager for Yahoo Search Marketing followed by Manager of Burson Marsteller’s Consumer Technology Practice. Today, she holds the position of Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications for geo-location start-up Pelago – makers of Whrrl. In addition, she volunteers as an Advisor for the LA Chapter of Girls in Tech.

Melissa Salas
3. Melissa Salas: Melissa is the Marketing Director at That’s right. The Director. Of Marketing. At Talk about a power player. She has also been the host of BuyTV for four years. She is the recipient of the 2008 Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award Winner for Affiliate Manager of the Year. She joined in 2000 & manages various online marketing campaigns as well as their Affiliate Program. Born & raised in Southern California, she attended Long Beach State University & graduated with a BA in Communications & minored in Interpersonal Communication & Business Organization. She lives in Orange County & her hobbies include traveling, kickboxing, dance, going to live shows, concerts, the beach, Angels, Lakers, Chargers and of course USC FOOTBALL games! Check out Melissa on Twitter: @MelissaDSalas
Jolie O’Dell
4. Jolie O’Dell, Social Media & Tech Reporter: Jolie O’Dell is a journalist and startup veteran with a decade of experience in writing and editing the news. Formerly a writer and community manager for ReadWriteWeb and a freelance writer for tech blogs and various print publications, Jolie now writes on social media and technology for Mashable. She graduated from Shenandoah University with a B.A. in Media Studies in 2004; as a student journalist, she won state and national awards, helped teach and manage a team of reporters, and made it out alive with high honors.

Veronica Belmont
5. Veronica Belmont: Veronica is a technology and gaming-centric video host based out of San Francisco. Currently her projects include Qore (a monthly interactive magazine about the PS3 for Sony) and Tekzilla (a weekly tech help and how-to show on She has also written for Slate, DoubleX, MaximumPC and PC Gamer. Veronica initially made her mark as a producer and on-air talent for CNET Networks (now CBS Interactive). She worked on such shows as Buzz Out Loud, MP3 Insider, Crave, and Prizefight. In 2007 she left CNET to host the eclectic video show Mahalo Daily, which was named one of the top new podcasts in 2008 on iTunes. An avid gamer and social-networking junkie (with over 1 million Twitter followers), Veronica often speaks about her interests at conferences and panels. She has also been the emcee at events for companies such as gdgt, Boxee, MacHeist and RiffTrax. In her spare time, she co-hosts the science fiction and fantasy podcast The Sword and Laser with Tom Merritt. She lives with one technology writer and two cats (and too many gadgets). Veronica graduated from Emerson College, B.A. in Audio/Radio, focus in New Media studies.

Deirdre Breakenridge
6. Deirdre Breakenridge: Deirdre is President, Executive Director of Communications at Mango! Marketing. Deirdre is the author of four Financial Times books. Her most recent book, “Putting the Public Back in Public Relations,” co-authored by Brian Solis and published in March 2009, is available in major bookstores and online. She has also authored: “PR 2.0, New Media, New Tools, New Audiences,” “The New PR Toolkit” and “Cyberbranding: Brand Building in the Digital Economy.” Deirdre is an adjunct professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, New Jersey where she teaches courses on Public Relations and Interactive Marketing for the Global Business Management program. Deirdre speaks nationally and internationally on the topics of PR and social media communications.She was named Woman of the Year in 2009 by the National Association of Professional Executive Women (NAPEW). Deirdre is a contributing editor of TechConnect, PRSA’s technology newsletter. She blogs about PR 2.0 strategies and is the co-founder of #PRStudChat, a dynamic Twitter discussion scheduled monthly for PR students, educators and PR pros.
Jenn Allen
7. Jenn Allen: Jenn’s a search technology geek, artist and musician. She is the CEO and founder of, a free, real-time, no-commission online marketplace and social meeting place for artists, art lovers and everyone else who enjoys immersion in a positive, humanistic art experience. Artists and art lovers are free to buy, sell, make conversation, chat, critique, ask questions, make recommendations, discuss art and artists, list shows/events, identify favorite artists, art buyers and art enthusiasts; and search for art by artist, rating, price, keyword and tags such as medium, color and texture. – basically a utopia for artists. When you think of sexy what comes to mind? How about someone who is rocking the web right now with a site that is only 8 weeks old? How about someone who is confident and self motivated? Jenn Allen is an entrepreneur and not just any entrepreneur either. She is the Sexiest Female Entrepreneur of 2010 according to (if you don’t already know).
Joanna Lord
8. Joanna Lord: Joanna is the VP of Growth Marketing at SEOmoz, a SEO and social media software company out of Seattle. She is East Coast born, but did a five year stint in LA tech, before settling into the Seattle startup scene. Joanna is a well known customer acquisition expert and well versed in Internet marketing, PPC, SEO, social media and traditional media. She is a regular fixture at industry conferences, speaking all over the world. She “sleeps rarely and caffeinates often.” It also appears that Joanna has been known to sing a song or two on karaoke, but if asked, she will deny it ever happened.
EDITOR'S NOTE: Joanna Lord's photos and bio were updated at her request on 2/27/2013... We appreciate any opportunity to update this article.
Leah Culver
9. Leah Culver: Leah Culver was a co-founder and the lead developer of the social network and micro-blogging website Pownce, which was acquired by blog juggernaut Six Apart in November 2008. While creating the Pownce API she co-authored both the OAuth and OEmbed open API specifications and now maintains the popular Python OAuth library. Leah promotes open source, APIs, and the Django web framework on her blog at In her free time she likes to play around with new technology and try new restaurants near her home in San Francisco.We recommend checking out her official blog.
Amy McInerney
10: Amy McInerney: Amy is the co-founder and C.E.O. of Social Focus Marketing, Inc., an Internet marketing company specializing in social media and search engine marketing. After spending two years at the helm of the marketing department at Pearse Street Consulting, Inc., a social networking software development company, Amy spearheaded Social Focus as a sister company (literally, her sister-in-law is the C.E.O. of Pearse Street) and since then, has been launching her clients’ online campaigns to the top of Google searches and driving traffic through innovative social media marketing strategies. In her rare downtime, Amy enjoys wine, concerts and spending time with her niece and nephews.
EDITOR'S NOTE: The message reposted below was sent to Keith Shetterly by the original article's author in regards to several ADM Member comments in the thread below:
"I had difficulty posting on the thread, but you are welcome to quote my thoughts below if you'd like."
"As the author of the original post, as well as an alum of the largest women's college in the United States, a mother of three, and a CEO running a company predominantly staffed by men, managed by women, in an industry dominated by men, I would never post something that I felt disrespected or objectified women. Conversely, this piece was designed to attract publicity to prominent women in this field and their projects, all of whom agreed to participate with enthusiasm, provided photos, bios, etc., with a catchy headline and a light-hearted twist. Overwhelmingly and with very few exceptions, this has been the result.
Depending on a multitude of circumstances, it's justifiable enough to jump atop the soapbox and protest the objectification of women. In this case, however, what is sexy? Is it their success, their high-powered positions, their innovation in the industry? I think those things are likely far sexier than the photos that they submitted, and I think that the vast majority of people who read this can appreciate that as well. This, ultimately, is why they were chosen for this piece.
I can't speak to the automotive industry personally and I haven't read the entire comment thread here, but hopefully, some of the commentaries were productive, progressive and educational, if a little controversial."

Fuchsia McInerney
C.E.O. | Creative Director
Pearse Street Consulting, Inc.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Communicate Effectively in Service with…Snapchat?

Communicate Effectively in Service with…Snapchat?

Communicate Effectively in Service with…Snapchat?

The dealership service experience doesn’t end when the customer picks up their car from the cashier. 

For the next three to six months, the service department needs to communicate with their client, ensuring their satisfaction and solidifying they return for their next maintenance appointment.
Email campaigns are still effective, but so much email is deleted before it’s read. Is there a better way to engage service customers between in-store visits?
Perhaps it’s time to go where the customers are. As of February 2018, 187 million people are active on Snapchat daily. Yes, your customers are on Snapchat.

What Should You Snapchat?

If it’s something you could email, there’s a good chance you could Snapchat it instead, AND have it opened.
•    Do you have a promotion running on synthetic oil upgrades or there’s a manufacturer sale on air filter replacement? Put it in a Snapchat message.
•    Do you have a really bad case of worn-out brakes in the shop? Snapchat a quick video for your customers on the effect of ignoring brake noise.
•    Your customers want to know how to take care of their car. Perhaps send a Snapchat on how to check the cabin air filter, or how to know when the transmission fluid needs to be changed.
The messages should be concise and valuable, ensuring your customers engage in them time after time.

Get Connected with Customers

The challenge will be establishing a Friends list with as many customers as possible. Unfortunately, you’ve sent them too much junk mail, so you’ll need to prove its worthwhile to connect with you on Snapchat.
It might seem ironic, but an email blast is a great way to connect with a bunch of customers. Then, when your customers are in for a visit, establish a routine requesting a Snapchat connection by either the service advisor or the cashier. You’ll need to ask for at least six months to gain a healthy following on Snapchat.

The moral is this: communicate with your customers where they are. In today’s changing market, that’s Snapchat. 
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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Are You An Automotive Content Marketer?

What is Automotive Content Marketing?
Sara Callahan of Carter-West PR
Sara Callahan

Car Dealers Have Created Content Marketing Across Every Major Brand, Make and Model

Automotive Content Marketing

Content Marketing has become an Automotive Buzzword Recently
With developing technology and the Internet taking over our lives, PR and marketing terms constantly develop and shift in meaning. So, I thought a little primer on content marketing might be useful!

The classic definition of marketing typically involves activities such as ads, coupons and direct mail pieces, both digital and in traditional media. Add the word “content” in front, however, and things get a little fuzzy for some.

What exactly is content marketing?
                               And, do you need to be involved in it?

We send messages to our customers, clients, and our readers. The messages we relay, regardless of the form it takes, is our content.

Content marketing is using that content to meet a marketing goal.

Perhaps it is the acquisition of potential customers, retention of existing ones, or making more people aware of your brand or products.

You’re probably already doing some of it.
Content marketing includes any piece of content you put out via any platform that does NOT involve direct selling. “Why would I not want to sell directly with ALL my content?” you may be thinking. Because sometimes, your audience is more willing to listen to and interact with you if you’re not shouting, “buy something from me!” in their ear.

Content marketing can include blog articles, social media posts, trade magazine articles, images and anything designed to engage your audience OTHER THAN your traditional advertising and direct marketing efforts.

What are the Benefits of Content Marketing?

  1. It keeps you top-of-mind – Whether you’re a dealership selling to consumers, or a vendor selling to dealerships, not everyone buys immediately. In addition, those customers who did purchase, and your current clients, may be ripe at some point to repurchase. A great content marketing strategy keeps your business, product and services in front of the customer without being intrusive or in-your-face salesy.

  1. It can lead to indirect exposure – Blog and magazine articles are an excellent way to position executives as thought leaders, and your business as a source of helpful content. People like educational material that is relevant to their needs.

    Dealerships can provide information on vehicle service, or how to synch your smartphone with your in-vehicle entertainment system, for example...

    As a vendor you could focus on some key pain points dealers are faced with daily. By providing that material, you can easily get exposure through comments, sharing and just plain curiosity. Perhaps the person reading the blog doesn’t need your product or service right now. By adding them as an audience member, positioning your company as a thought-leader, they could easily consider you first when the need arises.

  1. It drives engagement and builds relationships – Content marketing can increase exposure through engaging the audience with relevant, thought-provoking material. I’m not talking about click-bait or pictures of puppies and kittens, but rather helpful information that is welcomed by and, eventually, looked forward to by the audience. This promotes a sense of relationship and begins the process of trust.

  1. Search engine optimization – Google looks for relevance in content. It crawls sites and includes you in its search results when it finds new content. The more often that new content is added to your website, the more likely you are to appear in a relevant search on the topic, increasing organic exposure to your website. Without content, there would be nothing to optimize for search engines. Every link earned by every marketer points to a piece of content, and the keywords that people type into search engines are an attempt to find that content.

  1. Web site traffic – The more eyeballs you have on your website, the more likely you are to get leads and sales. A good content marketing strategy will push people to view that content on your website which could then lead to further exploration and conversions on your website CTAs.

The Bottom Line Is This

If you create great content that targets potential customers, you can shorten the distance between these customers and your products, increasing the chance that they'll make a purchase later.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Reputation Marketing? Think Staff Reviews For Best Results

Online Reviews? Think Staff Reviews Instead

Reputation Management?
Online Reviews?

Think Staff Reviews for Best Results!


When you’re in the research portion of your buying journey, where do you start? 

Whether it’s for shoes, a 65-inch smart TV, a lawnmower, or car parts, it starts online for 95 percent of millennials and 85 percent of the general public. You browse products and services, and the locations where they are available, searching for a differentiator that sets one apart.
Amazon, eBay, or Google: the number of stars the product or store receives makes a lasting impact in your purchasing decision, doesn’t it? It’s the same thing for the customers who are looking at the cars you sell or the automotive service you provide.

Dealership Reviews are Old Hat

You’ve undoubtedly implemented policies and practices at your dealership to drum up positive reviews online. It’s as important – or even more so – than CSI survey results in a customer’s eye. Online reviews are raw, unedited experienced-based analyses of how your store performs from the customer’s perspective and greatly influences potential new clients. This is an area that you know is important.

Think About Staff Reviews Instead

You want positive things said about your team, but that’s not the intention of staff reviews. What you want are reviews written by your team members from their perspective. Increasingly, before committing their dollars to your service department or product on the showroom floor, customers want to know what your staff think of your dealership.

It’s an Insight into Culture

When staff members inject their own reviews into your online presence, it’s like opening a window on your dealership’s values. It is evidence of what drives your store, delving beyond the surface clutter of happy or dissatisfied customers, however fickle.

It Gives a View of Long-Term Relationships

When each of your team leaves an online review for your store, it gives a wide-lens snapshot of your team. There will be members who are new while, ideally, you’d have longtime employees provide meaty, shining reviews. It tells a customer there are people who have been – and will be – around for a long time.

Staff Reviews are Personal

On your website, you can say all you want about your values and mission. It’s in your online reviews that the evidence shows itself. When it comes from real people who work the front lines, not a faceless business, it gives customers a thread of personal connection to your store.
Consider how it can work for your dealership. Request an online review from your team members over the course of several months, spreading it out among customer reviews. It’s another tool that can set you apart from your competition.
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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Digital Marketing Predictions for 2018

Predicting the future is impossible. But if anyone could know what will be big in online video in 2018, it'd be Bettina Hein, Allison Stern, and Jason Mander. They're all leaders at companies on the frontlines of digital media. So it's their day job to have a pulse on not only today's trends, but what online video trends are coming next.
Here's what they think 2018 will hold for the future of online video.
1183 Inline 01


"This is a big year for sports. The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil reached a global in-home television audience of 3.2 billion people, and 280 million people around the world watched through online and mobile video. In 2018, I predict that number will be flipped. More people will watch the World Cup on social, digital, and mobile video than on TV. Brands will need to shape their strategies accordingly, from TV-first to digital-first."
Allison Stern, CMO & co-founder at Tubular Labs

The Chief Research Officer

"The time has come to really get to know Gen Z. Gen Z are now spending longer online on mobile than on all other devices combined, and this mobile-first mindset impacts all Gen Z's media behaviors. For example, compared to millennials they spend longer on social per day, but less time on both broadcast and online TV. Short, bite-sized content is their preference, so brands will have to get on board."
Jason Mander, Chief Research Officer at GlobalWebIndex


"In 2018, I predict purpose-driven ads will make up a larger share of brand-owned videos, especially related to the year's major global sporting events. Pixability's data shows that purpose-driven ads generate more views and a higher engagement rate on YouTube than non-cause related videos. Brands that achieve the difficult task of authenticity in their video content, by creating videos that align with the causes they genuinely believe in and support, will ultimately win in 2018."
Bettina Hein, CEO at Pixability

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Dealer Develops Vehicle Subscription Model as Third Option to Drive

Dealer Develops Vehicle Subscription Model as Third Option to Drive

Dealer Develops Vehicle Subscription Model as Third Option to Drive

“You can buy a car, you can lease a car, or you can subscribe to a car. It’s a third option as a way to drive a car.”

That’s how John Malishenko, COO of Germain Motor Company, describes Drive Germain, their recently-introduced vehicle subscription service.
Developed on a platform by Clutch Technologies, Drive Germain offers their clientele an opportunity to drive a nearly-new vehicle all the time.
There are two subscription levels from their Columbus, Ohio location – Premier and Elite. A third economy level is planned for the future. Their vehicle subscription service includes insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance, and even detailing services.

Another Way to Engage a Customer’s Needs

With 15 successful stores in Columbus, Ann Arbor, Naples, and Dayton, Drive Germain wasn’t borne out of necessity. Rather, it’s the group’s way of keeping ahead of ownership trends. The small yet growing number of customers who would rather not deal with a car dealership in the traditional way have an option: subscription.

The all-inclusive pricing is set. There’s no need to visit the dealership. Insurance is included with the program. For those who want to regularly change vehicles or simply don’t want the hassle of the traditional car ownership model, Drive Germain is an ideal engagement method.
An app controls the program, from registration and payment to vehicle selection. Vehicles for Drive Germain are purchased from the dealer group’s stores, used for a term, the sold back to the stores for resale. It’s simple, efficient, and customers love it.
Malishenko says, “Like any new technology, it sounds too good to be true, but there really is no downside. We’re in an industry that’s choking on the overhead of running a dealership. [But with vehicle subscription services], there’s no brick and mortar. There’s really no staff. All the communication with the customer is done through an app and through AI. The customers are highly engaged.”

Staying on the Cutting Edge

For John Malishenko and the Germain team, engaging their customers involves providing a better experience. That means testing the ‘next big thing’, always striving to stay on the cutting edge of trends and technology.
“Right now, the retail environment is ambiguous, everyone’s trying to guess what’s next. What I know for sure, running dealerships is that I need to figure out how to be relevant because the market is continually changing and evolving and growing. The only way I know how to do that is to drive it. Engagement is the purpose. The only way I can differentiate myself as a dealer is to provide a better experience.”
The documents posted on this Website contain external links or pointers to information created and maintained by other public and private organizations.  These links and pointers are provided for the user’s convenience.  Center for Performance Improvement does not control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness or completeness of this outside information. The inclusion of links or pointers to particular items is not intended to reflect their importance, nor is it intended as an endorsement by or for the Center for Performance Improvement. 
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