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Friday, April 27, 2018

Dogon Tribe Granary Door from 18th Century (North Africa) ($675)

A rare 300+ year old artifact of museum quality which chronicles the contact between an alien life form from the Sirius solar system and humans on Earth. 

I am selling a Dogon Tribe Granary Door from 18th Century (North Africa) for $675 on OfferUp. Check it out.

You will never see one of these available ever again! The Dogon Tribe has lived in Sub Sahara Northern Africa for thousands of years. Their knowledge of celestial details, such as SIRIUS being a binary star, transcends that of modern man and has confounded anthropologists for over 100 years. When the Hubble Telescope was placed in orbit, it was discovered that the details shared by the Dogon Tribal Priests in 1908 and recorded on film were actually true! This 22" Wide by 41" Tall Village Granary Door was in use during the 18th century and has carved pictographs telling the story of when the Nommi came to earth... The Nommi were amphibious by nature and gave the Dogon their knowledge of celestial systems, mathematics, science, agriculture, the rule of law and more. The Nommi came to Earth from a planet in the SIRIUS solar system. This granary Door was a gift sent to me for Christmas 2007 after I had given an impromptu presentation about the Dogon Tribe's knowledge of the Sirius system which was more accurate than modern science and only became evident after Hubble was launched. This item belongs in a museum and is actually priceless in documenting contact between an alien species and humans. I am embarrassed to be offering it for $1,000 but my situation is dire and I have run out of options. Size is 22 inches wide by 41 inches tall. Constructed of a dark hardwood, hammer forged bronze nails, latch mechanism and 3D Relief carvings.
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