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Automotive Resource Directory

Digital Marketing Resources

Directory of Links to High Value Resources for Car Dealership Managers and Automotive Marketing Professionals...

This is a dynamic listing page with categories, links and descriptions added and deleted as an ongoing process...

Resource Downloads

ADM has collected and posted for your easy "Right-Click, Save As" download use and abuse an assortment of editable files and documents that you may find quite useful... The only thing that we ask, is that you give ADM attribution credit as a resource you used in creating whatever it is you will be using these files for. Good luck, and may the Digital Marketing Force be with you!

  1. Sales Process:
  2. Sales Process Posters:
  3. Sales Process Playbook Template:
  4. Sales Tool Box:
  5. Six Keys To Selling More Cars:
  6. This is a comprehensive playbook defining the strategy and providing a tactical blueprint for operating a social media marketing and reputation management system in a car dealership:
  7. This is a Word doc that has Questions and Answers for Digital Advertising used for Car Dealerships... You will want to edit and modify to suit your particular situation:
  8. Use this document to score your dealership and individuals working there on how well they handle each lead and see opportunities for improvement:
  9. Here is a document showing how to map out your sales lead response process, along with document number reference for each step that provides the email template, phone script of face-to-face word tracks to be used by your sales team, please modify for your own dealership to make it actually doable and used for training:
  10. This is an exhaustive and highly detailed Digital Marketing Questionnaire and Assessment tool for use in seeing where the gaps are in your dealership's digital marketing strategy and tactical implementation:
  11. This document is to be used to define the process in your dealership for handling sales leads where the customer has not selected a specific vehicle:
  12. Modify and update this PowerPoint file to use it for meetings and training sessions:  Best-Practices-Workshop-Presentation.ppt
  Workshops and Seminars

Internet Sales Manager(ISM) Recommended Links:

  1. Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community
  2. dealerELITE Network
  3. Automotive Social Media Marketing Network
  4. Automotive Reputation Management Network
  5. Automotive Marketing Data Charts
  6. Nissan Automotive News
  7. Ward's eDealer 100
  8. Social Car News
  17. Mashable

Resource Connections

Online Vehicle Classified Ads and Inventory Listing Sites:

  3. CarSoup Inventory Listings
  4. CarFax Dealer Programs
  10. Vehicle Classified Ads and Inventory Listing
  24. online classified ads for dealer inventory
  25. Inventory Listings - Dealer Enrollment
  26. - Vehicle Inventory descriptions, notes and comment text strings for dealer listings
Dealer Ratings, Customer Reviews and Business Directory Sites - It costs little to nothing to get your customers to use any of these sites to rate your staff or submit reviews of their experience at your dealership... I cannot think of a better use of free website space than to compel your customers to rate your dealership and write a review of their car buying or vehicle service experience.

"The one approach that we have seen remain consistently effective is to provide convenience and choice to dealership sales and service customers when implementing a reputation management focused business process..."
                                             --Ralph Paglia
By NOT RESTRICTING YOUR STRATEGY TO A SINGLE REVIEW SITE, dealers achieve a similar effect to a diversified investment portfolio... And, the customers consistently perceive a dealer who recommends multiple review sites as being far less manipulative and more trustworthy in the motivation behind requesting a review, than a dealer who restricts their request to a single review site.
  1. Google MyBusiness for Business
  2. - Supports in-dealership customer reviews
  3. - Car Dealership reviews and certification
  4. - Business Directory and customer reviews
  6. - First UGC app for Car Dealer reviews
  7. Merchant Circle - Business Directory and customer reviews
  8. Insider Pages - Business Directory and customer reviews
  11. affiliate of next site:
  15. - Supports in-dealership customer reviews

"How To" eBooks, Apps and Resources from Marketing Service Providers and Consultants vetted by ADM Editors

  1. Cobalt (ADP) - Download Multichannel Marketing eBook
  2. Cobalt (ADP) - Download Reputation Management eBook
  3. Cobalt (ADP) - Meet the Modern Car Buyer; Marketing Assessment
  4. Gravitational Marketing - Get Free Dealer Marketing Book

Car Dealer Websites

Car Dealership Website Providers

  1. Cobalt - An ADP Company: Leading OEM recommended dealer website provider
  2. - Dealer websites design optimized across multiple devices and browsers
  3. Team Velocity Marketing - This team of experienced automotive digital marketing practitioners now offer some of the best performing dealership websites in the auto industry.
  4. String Automotive - The Auto Industry's only Google Analytics and Webmaster Certified Websites
  5. DealerFire - Engagement Optimized Websites
  6. DealerSkins - Adaptive Websites
  7. DealerOn - "These guys really know what they're doing and how to help their dealerships be as successful as possible." -- Mitch Gallant, Capital Ford Lincoln
  8. KPA Connect Websites - (formerly TK Carsites) Complete internet marketing solutions include SEO coupled with new Connect platform developed for maximizing lead generation
Search Engine Marketing

Onsite SEO Tools, Analytics, Reporting and Testing Apps 

  1. Free Broken Link Check - Find the bad links on your website
  2. Website Grader Checks Site - Reports non-compliant structure
  3. SEO Centro Search Engine Keywords and Positioning Tool
  4. Google Analytics - Digital Marketing's "Gold Standard" for Tracking Visitors, Reporting and Analyzing Sites
  5. Google Adwords - External Keywords Research App
  6. Compete Internet Tracking and Reporting
  7. Search Engine Spider Simulator
Digital Marketing Experts

Short URL Creation, Tracking and Domain Name Resources

  1. Network Solutions Domain Registration and Hosting Services
  2. GoDaddy Domain Registration and Hosting Services
  3. Bit.Ly Short URL and Tracking Metrics  
  4. Tiny Short URL Service 
  5. Bud Short URL Service
  6. URL Trends and Happenings


Blog and Website Hosting for Content Marketing

  4. (set up dealership online community)


Business and Professional Networking Portals:



Press Release and Bookmarking Sites

  1. - Best Cost Effectiveness
  2. - Tops in both performance and cost
  3. - Great software for PR creation and distribution
  5. - Almost worthless but you will feel like you accomplished something

Digital Marketing Strategy

  Social Networks and User Generated Content (UGC) Sites

  1. Facebook
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Twitter
  4. YouTube
  5. Instagram
  6. Pinterest
  7. MySpace
  8. Flickr
  9. Slideshare
  10. Squidoo Lense Sites

Video Hosting, Distribution and Sharing Sites:

  1. -
  2.   DivX Stage6 Beta -
  3.   Brightcove (Personal) -
  4.   Revver -
  5.   Veoh -
  6.   MSN Video -
  7.   YouTube -
  8.   Vimeo -
  9.   Jumpcut Beta -
  10.   MySpaceTV Beta -
  11.   TubeMogul Video Ads and Distribution:


Social Media Marketing

Chat Clients for Dealer Websites, Social Media and Email:

  1. (free)
  2. (free)
  3. (free and upgrades)
  4. ReachLocal

  Onsite Apps and Plugins for Dealership Websites

  1. DealerCentric Talking Credit App - "I cannot imagine managing the online marketing programs for a car dealership and NOT using DealerCentric to attract serious car buyers..." --Ralph Paglia
  2. Kelley Blue Book LeadDriver - "KBB LeadDriver powers the highest post-click lead conversion ad campaigns I have ever seen..." --Ralph Paglia
  3. Black Book Online
  4. ScreenCrafters Dealer Website Conversion Add-Ons

Widgets, Marketing Apps, RSS and Content Distribution Tools:

  1. Sign up for a Free 30 day trial of HootSuite Pro
  2. RSS Feed Content Builder
  5. CarFax Dealer Programs
  6. SocialDealer
  7. SproutSocial
  8. Hootsuite


Spam List Services; "Blacklist" Checking Tools

  2. Spamhaus Block List (SBL) - All IPs on the SBL belong to known spammers, spam gangs, or spam support services. The SBL includes IPs from both the ROKSO database and IPs of spam services listed in the Spamhaus database
  3. Blacklist Master - Email blacklist check tool. Check your mail server's IP address and domain name against 200+ spam blacklists
  4. Whois-Details for Blacklisted Spam Domains - List of domains that have been advertised via spam, with name server, registration date, registrant. This list is updated daily.


Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and Pay Per Click (PPC):

  1. Google Adwords Express
  2. Google Adwords for Search Engine Advertising


SEA and PPC Dealer Service Providers:

  1. Tier10 Marketing
  2. Team V Marketing
  3. ClickMotive
  4. ADP Cobalt
  5. Local Search Group
  6. ReachLocal Search Engine Advertising


Automotive Social Media Marketing (SMM) Service Providers:

  1. Tier10 Marketing
  2. ReachLocal Social Media and Reputation Management
  3. Cobalt - an ADP Company
  4. SocialDealer
  5. DealerLink - Social and Reputation Management


Social Media Advertising (SMA):

  1. Tier10 Marketing


Online Display Advertising (ODA):

  1. Tier10 Marketing
  2. ReachLocal Display Advertising
  3. Quantcast


Video Advertising and Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO):

  1. Car-Mercial
  2. ReachLocal
  3. UnityWorks! Media

Chat Software and Live Chat Service Providers  

  1. CarChat24
  3. ActiveEngage
  4. Contact at Once


Vehicle Sales Affinity programs for Car Dealers

  1. Costco Auto Program Affinity Referrals
  2. TrueCar Dealership Affinity Network Referrals
  3. Edmunds Premier Dealer Referrals
  4. CarFax Dealer Programs


Sales Lead Providers, Aggregators and Exchanges

  1. Dealix - Lead Quality Guaranteed
  2. Autobytel - Lead estimator Tool shows how many available
  4. CarsDirect Connect Dealership Sales Leads
  5. DealerLink - Special finance leads, new and used car leads
  6. Caracoom - Different type of lead provider for car dealers
  7. Auto Lead Providers - Dealership program Details
  8. CarFax Dealer Programs
  9. Driving Leads - Special Finance Leads for Car Dealers
  10. SalesGenie - Generate sales leads from their database
  11. special finance leads, direct mail, new and used car leads


Finance and Insurance Related Resources

  1. NADA Glossary of Insurance Terms and Acronyms
  2. DealerCentric Talking Credit App - "DealerCentric's talking credit app goes beyond serving the credit challenged by attracting car buyers with exceptionally good credit who are in-market..." --Ralph Paglia 
  3. NADAguides Finance Center - powered by Finance Source
  4. NADA Check Credit Score - Learn The Facts About Credit Ratings
  5. - information on filing claims online
  6. AutoDealerMonthly - F and I Dealer Operations Articles  
  7. - Online community and professional network for dealership F and I managers

Infographic: Search Engine Ranking Factors

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